Aspirations Building Campaign (ABC) is a youth-led project to promote book reading and leadership skills among teenagers and youth. The agenda of the umbrella of ABC is linked to the SDG4 – Quality Education. We at ABC try to complement school education by filling gaps in the present education system. Dreaming and aspiring is key to a quality education. As the name suggests, the mandate of ABC is to raise these very aspirations. We have explored through our journey that book-reading is one of the best ways to branch out one’s vision, requiring minimum human effort or investment. While ABC also helps previous readers build a reading discipline and broaden their horizons, a big chunk of the 4000+ ABC Readers comes from rural areas, and a significant number are those who read their first extra-curricular books in ABC. We are a pan-India project, with readers from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP and West Bengal, among others. Interestingly, a participant of ABC is never referred to as a “student” or “youngster”. It is always, without exception, an “ABC Reader”. Apart from its primary focus on building reading habits, the ABC cosmos also comprises of some other side-projects which work on other aspects of aspirations building, some of which are Leadership Drills, Riveting Readers (a chain of online reading clubs), Skills Bank and LiM (Leaders in Making). Some of these projects are now independently operated. We are being generously funded by DivJal Aspirations Building Fund.

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